Extra Mile Day - November 1
Wed, Nov 1, 2023

Extra Mile Day

Extra Mile Day is an annual celebration of going the extra mile in all aspects of life. It is held on November 1 each year and honors those who strive to make a positive impact on family, friends, and colleagues.


The phrase “go the extra mile” originated in the early 20th century, and is thought to be derived from a biblical phrase. In 2011, the Extra Mile America Foundation initiated the holiday, and it was quickly embraced by mayors in 30 American cities. Since then, the number of participating cities has grown to over 500.

The holiday is intended to motivate people to push themselves out of their comfort zone and strive to use their full potential. It encourages personal growth and change, as well as looking at life more positively.

Interesting facts

  • The authors’ plan for the holiday is to motivate people to become agents of change.
  • Office politics can be a hindrance to productivity, success, and courage, so it should be avoided.
  • Poverty can be a barrier to seeing the world in a more positive light, as it often restricts access to opportunities.
  • The Industrial Revolution brought about changes that allowed people to work year-round, regardless of the length of the sunny day.
  • The average person spends around 90 hours of their lifetime on work.
  • It has been estimated that an office chair travels approximately 8 miles each year.

How to take part

To take part in Extra Mile Day, it’s important to open yourself up to change and push yourself in your career and personal relationships. Make a plan to reach your goals, and don’t be afraid to take risks. Do something special to show your loved ones you care, and volunteer your time to help those in need.

When is Extra Mile Day celebrated in 2023?

Extra Mile Day is observed on November 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday November 1 2023
Friday November 1 2024
Saturday November 1 2025
Sunday November 1 2026

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