Esther Day - August 3
Sat, Aug 3, 2024

Esther Day

Esther Day is a day dedicated to the memory of Esther Earl. Esther, who died in 2010 at the age of 16, left a bright mark on the world. She was a blogger and prominent activist in the Harry Potter Alliance who did a lot for the community of fans of this bookish universe.


Esther was born in 1994 in Massachusetts. She was interested in internet blogging, writing, and fandom activism from a young age, becoming one of the most important personalities in the Harry Potter Alliance by her age.

Esther was diagnosed with terminal thyroid cancer in 2006. Despite this, she continued to lead an active life, not letting the disease break her.

Shortly before her death, Esther and her friends decided to create a holiday dedicated to the love of family and friends. When Esther left this world, her birthday was chosen as the date of the holiday. Her friends and family have been celebrating this holiday for 12 years now.

Interesting facts

  • Esther became the prototype of Hazel in the famous novel “The Fault in Our Stars”, dedicated to the love of two terminally ill teenagers. However, the author claims that while dedicating the novel to Esther, he created a completely independent heroine with a different character.
  • Esther’s parents founded the This Star Won’t Go Out Foundation, which helps children with cancer.
  • Esther belonged to the Nerdfighteria subculture, which unites the fans of the Vlogbrothers video blog, and did a lot for this movement.

How to take part

Read or re-read the novel The Fault in Our Stars – the story in it will help you understand the problems of adolescents suffering from terminal diseases. Make a donation to a fund for cancer patients.

Say kind words to your friends and loved ones, remind them how much you love them. Spend time together and do something nice for them.

When is Esther Day celebrated in 2024?

Esther Day is observed on August 3 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday August 3 2024
Sunday August 3 2025
Monday August 3 2026

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