Dear Diary Day - September 22
Thu, Sep 22, 2022

Dear Diary Day

Dear Diary Day is celebrated annually on September 22nd. The holiday is dedicated to a subject that helps us express our thoughts more clearly, write them down and remember our lives in great detail. Historians note that diaries have been used for over 2000 years. On paper, a person can express any of his emotions, share experiences, feelings and even secrets.


Personal records were kept for generations, in which people expressed hopes for the future, told their stories. The term “diary” has Latin roots and means a certain norm that a person had to write down daily about his activities. The oldest diaries that have survived to this day date from the 11th century, they were kept in the Middle East and East Asia. Historians managed to find personal records of Ibn Banna, which in appearance and design are very reminiscent of modern ones. Today, according to these records, scientists can draw conclusions about what life, traditions and culture of our previous generations were like.

Interesting Facts

  • Psychologists note that a personal diary is the best listener and best friend for every person, regardless of age, gender, profession and social status.
  • The first diaries were kept mainly by alchemists and mystics, they wrote down their inner emotions and events that they perceived as the most important.
  • The earliest published diary dates back to 1825 and belongs to Samuel Pepys, where he told about important historical events.

How to celebrate

If you have not done this yet, start keeping your personal diary, for this, buy a beautiful notebook or notepad, you can also share your thoughts with the whole world on the Internet. Write down everything that you consider important and necessary. Remember, these records are able to save your emotions, feelings, experiences forever. Read the diaries of famous people, from these records you can better know their life, the path to success.

When is Dear Diary Day in 2022?

Dear Diary Day is observed on September 22 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday September 22 2022
Friday September 22 2023
Sunday September 22 2024
Monday September 22 2025
Tuesday September 22 2026

What today?

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