Client’s Day - March 19
Tue, Mar 19, 2024

Client’s Day

Clients Day is an international holiday dedicated to clients. It’s a day to remind all companies that customers are their greatest asset and should be thanked for it. Without them, it is impossible to succeed and make a decent profit. The holiday is celebrated annually on March 19.


The history of Clients Day begins in 2010, when a Lithuanian company in the city of Klaipeda discussed options for celebrating its anniversary. In the end, employees came to the decision that it was necessary to thank the customers, because only thanks to them the company has been able to function successfully for many years. The motion was passed unanimously, and the first congratulations began to be published on that date, March 19.

Soon the initiative to celebrate Clients Day was picked up by many other Lithuanian companies. In 2013, the holiday was even recognized by the president of the country. Gradually it spread to the nearby Baltic countries as well as Russia. Thus, 2013 was the birth year of the holiday already internationally.

Interesting facts

  • The word client comes from the Latin “cliens,” which meant a dependent person on a patron. In today’s world, this can be interpreted as a double dependency: the customer depends on the company, and the success of the company depends on the customers.
  • One of the main factors of any company in the early stages – the creation of a customer base and its constant expansion.

How to celebrate

On this day, employees of companies should unite and congratulate their customers. This can be not only a post on social networks, but also practical actions – discounts, holiday promotions, raffles and more. Celebrating Clients Day is also a great way to expand your customer base and attract new clients.

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When is Client’s Day celebrated in 2024?

Client’s Day is observed on March 19 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday March 19 2024
Wednesday March 19 2025