Cinco de Marcho - march 5
Tue, Mar 5, 2024

Cinco de Marcho

Cinco de Marcho is a fun Mexican holiday dedicated to training to increase alcohol tolerance. It is made up and is not supported by any organization. We recommend taking it as a joke, and being careful about drinking alcohol so as not to harm yourself or others around you. It is celebrated annually on March 5.


The story of Cinco de Marcho begins with a man – Carlos Fantastico. Naturally, this is a pseudonym, not a real name. Most researchers agree on this.

One day in 2007, Carlos was sitting in a restaurant in Mexico, slowly sipping a margarita from his glass, enjoying the taste. An interesting thought occurred to him: in twelve days’ time it would be St. Patrick’s Day. On this day, the rules of fasting are relaxed, and it is allowed to take alcohol, which most people take advantage of. So why not start getting ready for this day by drinking alcoholic beverages today! This way, in future celebrations, your liver will be ready to take a lot of merry drinks, and the hangover will not be so serious.

As a result, today’s Cinco de Marcho implies a day of parties and meetings with friends, where you have to get drunk! Increased tolerance to alcohol is achieved by constant training. Over time you will be able to drink more and not get drunk.

Interesting facts

  • Frequent drinking destroys your brain. This is due to the toxic effects of ethanol. Dead brain cells are eliminated from the body with urine the day after the party.
  • The reaction of the brain to taking even the smallest doses of alcohol begins in 6 minutes!
  • Alcohol is not only evil. Some drinks do have a therapeutic effect. In addition, small doses of alcohol help people better socialize and make new friends. Especially when it comes to insecure individuals or introverts.

How to celebrate

Have some delicious cocktails at Cinco de Marcho. We do not recommend following the advice to pump the liver. Better yet, just get together with friends and relax a bit with a glass or two of cocktails with a low alcohol content.

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users if they get drunk quickly or not.

When is Cinco de Marcho in 2024?

Cinco de Marcho is observed on March 5 each year.


Tuesday March 5 2024
Wednesday March 5 2025
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