Christmas Card Day - December 9
Fri, Dec 9, 2022

Christmas Card Day

Christmas Card Day is celebrated on December 9 in the USA and reminds you that it’s time to congratulate you on the upcoming holiday! Many people are waiting for this day to send colorful cards with sincere wishes to their loved ones. What about you?


Today, the tradition of giving cards seems to be commonplace. Sadly, many people have completely forgotten about it and prefer congratulations through dry messages in instant messengers. But will they replace the love that a bright hand-signed product gives? We are sure not!

The date of the holiday is not accidental, because it was on December 9 that the first postcard was created. It depicted a happy family. A year later, floral patterns were chosen for the design. Now we can choose any picture, because the skillful designers have come up with a variety of concepts! Some organizations are happy to print a custom card – this is a great idea not only for Christmas, but also for other holidays.

Interesting facts

Notable points:

  • in China, they believe that postcards are the prototype of business cards;
  • in England there is a version that the first Christmas card was created by the artist Dobson – he gave the product to a friend. The man was glad of the gift and showed it to those around him, who instantly wanted the same;
  • modern society is more inclined towards e-cards (they have their own holiday too!).

How to celebrate

Get beautiful postcards and get down to the most interesting thing – signatures. Think about what you want to wish a person, throw out sincere emotions on paper … We are sure that he will be glad to hear from you! Take pictures of sent and received postcards and post them on your social friends so more people can join the movement!

When is Christmas Card Day celebrated in 2022?

Christmas Card Day is observed on December 9 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday December 9 2022
Saturday December 9 2023
Monday December 9 2024
Tuesday December 9 2025
Wednesday December 9 2026