Buy Nothing Day - November
Fri, Nov 25, 2022

Buy Nothing Day

Buy Nothing Day is celebrated in the US after Thanksgiving. An interesting holiday that has won the attention of many people. Shopping has become a huge part of our lives, is it always justified? The purpose of the date is to limit excess consumption. The day is also celebrated in Sweden, Finland.


Buy Nothing Day coincides with Black Friday, the biggest sale day of the year. And this is not an accident: if you have been to shopping centers during grandiose discounts, you will understand what I mean. Kilometer-long queues, scandals, sometimes fights for goods, swearing and quarrels … To look at oneself from the outside would be informative for everyone.

The holiday was founded by Ted Dave – an artist who moonlights in advertising agencies. He dreamed of showing the public that marketing organizations shamelessly instill in customers that they need to buy goods in large quantities, clouding their minds. Every year, his idea was supported by more people, including notorious ones.

Ted and his associates believe that a person rarely thinks about why he buys a large number of things. In his mind, this answer has already been formed – improving the economy of the state. However, no one understands that all this negatively affects nature, killing the planet.

Interesting facts


  • more than 30% of companies use red in their logo, it helps to inspire confidence among customers and attract attention;
  • in the past, the Coca-Cola Company ran a massive campaign that discouraged people from purchasing regular water instead of soda;
  • attracting a new client is much more difficult than returning an old one;
  • on average, a 65-year-old person watched about 2 million commercials in his life;
  • naked women are often used in advertising. In 1800, such images adorned pamphlets advertising tobacco;
  • in 1440 advertising was voice only.

How to celebrate

Do not fall under the general hysteria: give up unnecessary purchases. Go into stores and look at people’s behavior, analyze it. Read the literature that explains how marketing works. Share with others the purpose of the holiday!

When is Buy Nothing Day celebrated in 2022?

Buy Nothing Day is observed on the day after Thanksgiving each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday November 25 2022
Friday November 24 2023
Friday November 29 2024
Friday November 28 2025
Friday November 27 2026