Bulldogs are Beautiful Day - April 21
Sun, Apr 21, 2024

Bulldogs are Beautiful Day

April 21 is dedicated to a popular dog breed. Bulldogs are Beautiful Day honors the wrinkles, folds, and drool of these beautiful creatures. It is time to share photos of dogs and express affection and admiration.

The History

Bulldogs are mentioned in historical texts written 5 centuries ago. Dogs helped people keep an eye on cattle on livestock farms. This breed was used in bullfights, a cruel entertainment. The result: either the bull or the dog remained alive, the loser died from the wounds inflicted by its opponent. Aggressive, angry bulldogs with a body weight of 80 pounds were brought up to participate in these murderous competitions. In the middle of the XIX century, these terrible events were prohibited by law. The breed did not disappear: the dogs were transported from the UK to European countries and the North American continent. The pets again guarded the cattle, on a territory where it was impossible to install fences due to terrain features. Bulldogs are cute, kind and affectionate pets, loyal to their owner, and perfect with children. Good friends.

Fun Facts

Beauty contests are organized for bulldogs. This funny event evokes an emotional response from participants and spectators. The tenderness level is off the scale.

  1. Bulldogs have low intelligence. You need to repeat an action 100 times before they learn the command.
  2. The wrinkles appeared for a reason. They were bred as fighting dogs; the folds prevented blood from getting into their eyes.
  3. The bulldog image is found in symbols of universities and military units.
  4. Bulldogs are susceptible to digestive system diseases. They’re farting.
  5. Bulldogs like staying at home, passively relaxing. The ideal pet for persons wanting to spend time without active games, training, or long walks.

Treat your dog, get it funny clothes, and take a picture of a bulldog in a funny way. Share the photo with friends. Cute!

When Bulldogs are Beautiful Day celebrated in 2024?

Bulldogs are Beautiful Day is observed on April 21 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday April 21 2024
Monday April 21 2025