Bounty Day - June 8
Sat, Jun 8, 2024

Bounty Day

Bounty Day is a public holiday celebrated by the people of Norfolk Island. A key moment in their history occurred in 1856, when the first inhabitants appeared on this island. They were descendants of English sailors who had previously lived on Pitcairn Island. They began their life on the new land with their leader, Fletcher Christian. The inhabitants of Norfolk remember, honor their history, and widely celebrate this holiday, symbolizing the beginning of their life on the island.


This holiday originates in 1856. But in reality, it started even earlier. As mentioned, the inhabitants of Norfolk previously lived on Pitcairn Island. In 1787, one of the key events in their history took place. Lieutenant William Bligh and his crew sailed to Tahiti on a ship called the HMS Bounty. The purpose was to collect breadfruit for Caribbean slaves. A conflict arose on the ship, which later turned into a mutiny. Fletcher Christian and his associates seized the ship and sent Lieutenant Bligh adrift.

In 1790, the mutineers discovered Pitcairn Island, where they settled, developed their culture, traditions, and language. The community has survived to this day. People started families, women gave birth to children. Their number increased, and the island became too small for them. Their leader applied to the government with a request to provide them with land to live on. Queen Victoria signed a decree on the assignment of Norfolk Island to the Pitcairn inhabitants. She gave the people an island where they continued to live and develop.

Interesting Facts

You might be interested to know:

  1. The wreckage of the Bounty ship was first discovered in 1957.
  2. Lieutenant Bligh stayed at sea for 40 days and survived.
  3. A third of the total population living in our time on Norfolk Island are descendants of people who arrived here in 1856.

When is Bounty Day celebrated in 2024?

Bounty Day is observed on June 8 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday June 8 2024
Sunday June 8 2025

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