Beer Can Appreciation Day - January 24
Wed, Jan 24, 2024

Beer Can Appreciation Day

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the United States of America. Beer Can Appreciation Day is celebrated on January 24 and is dedicated to the history of its development. Initially, beer was sold only in bottles, but soon new packages appeared on the market. Banks quickly fell in love with buyers. Now they can be found on the shelves of every store, but for that time the invention was considered innovative.


The first bottled beer was introduced in 1935. Customers could buy their favorite Kruegers brand in a completely new format. The brewery was located in New Jersey. Collectors found the banks extremely attractive. They tried to collect products from each firm. The design is somewhat different. All producers tried to make their beer individual not only in taste, but also in appearance.

After the end of World War II, banks regained popularity, although they were forgotten for a while. In 1969, the number of bottled beers sold dropped significantly.

Interesting facts

  1. It takes much less time to cool a jar than a bottle. But in the second case, the drink retains its taste and temperature longer.
  2. Tin cans have significantly reduced the risks of transportation. During the Second World War, beer was sent in large quantities by the soldier. So it could pass through the oceans in huge boxes and not be damaged at all.
  3. Throwing and stacking compact cans is much more convenient, but they pose a great threat to the external environment, so they are usually sent for recycling.

How to celebrate

It’s hard to imagine this day without beer, so head to the nearest supermarket and buy a drink. Do not forget that it must be in the bank. Study it to the smallest detail, pay attention to the brand, shape, color and even tiny inscriptions. Collectors might consider starting collecting cans.

Spend a holiday with friends. Drinking alone is not nearly as fun as drinking in company. Take some snacks with you, discuss the taste of the drink and decide which is better: cans or bottles.

When is Beer Can Appreciation Day celebrated in 2024?

Beer Can Appreciation Day is observed on January 24 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday January 24 2024
Friday January 24 2025
Saturday January 24 2026
Sunday January 24 2027

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