Barbie Day - March 9
Sat, Mar 9, 2024

Barbie Day

Barbie Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to this popular doll. Barbie and her partner Ken are probably the most common dolls. They were the basis for the creation of comic books, cartoons, produced small computer games. It is celebrated on March 9.


The history of Barbie Day is directly related to the appearance of the doll itself. The famous doll was first presented on March 9, 1959, at the Toy Show in New York City. Manufacturers from many countries gathered there to present their new toys to the public.

The Barbie doll came about thanks to Ruth Handler, the wife of the man who co-founded the huge toy company, Mattel. Seeing children playing with puppets and paper dolls, she decided to release a new doll.

On a trip to Germany with her husband, she noticed a doll in a store that was made in human form. She persuaded him to start producing a similar toy. As a result, a Barbie doll was born, which quickly became a favorite of all the little girls!

Interesting facts

  • The first copies of the dolls were practically the same as the modern examples.
  • Ken was the first human-style Barbie doll since Barbie came out. Later, Barbie had many sisters and other relatives.
  • Today, the Barbie doll has become a cultural and mass phenomenon. There are even entire kits, thanks to which you can build castles for dolls with the smallest details.

How to celebrate

At Barbie Day, buy your child a doll. Think back to your childhood, tell your children what toys you used to have. Learn more interesting information about making Barbie online.

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users what kind of dolls they buy for their children.

When is Barbie Day celebrated in 2024?

Barbie Day is observed on March 9 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday March 9 2024
Sunday March 9 2025

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