Bald and Free Day - October 14
Fri, Oct 14, 2022

Bald and Free Day

Bald and Free Day is celebrated on October 14th. Millions of people in the world suffer from baldness for medical or natural reasons. This day is entirely dedicated to beautiful bald people.


Shaving the beard and head dates back to the Stone Age. Heads were shaved with pointed shells. Shaved heads were commonplace for priests from ancient Rome and Egypt, as well as for ordinary people because of the hot climate. There is an opinion that in Egypt they invented tools for shaving from copper and gold.

The trend for shaved heads began in the 1950s. If a man is bald, it was believed that he was courageous, confident, disciplined and tough. Many famous personalities had shaved heads. The 1990s saw the peak of shaved head popularity, from Bruce Willis to Michael Jordan. People who fight cancer lose their hair due to chemotherapy and radiation. In support of cancer patients and to raise funds, people around the world shave their heads bald.

It is not known when the first Bald and Free Day was held, but the celebration encouraged women and men to shave and take pride in their appearance.

Interesting facts

  • for the treatment of baldness, the Egyptians used a mixture of ground mice, bear fat, horse teeth and scrapings from the nails;
  • in 80% of cases, baldness is inherited;
  • 44% of women aged 35-45 believe that bald men are more attractive than others;
  • you will lose 50% of your hair before others notice that you are going bald.

How to celebrate

A big problem for balding men is a decrease in self-esteem. It is important to support friends who are faced with the problem of baldness. On Bald and Free Day, support people with cancer and shave your head – it’s the easiest thing you can do for these people. If you are bald, share all the benefits of a bald head on social media.

When is Bald and Free Day celebrated in 2022?

Bald and Free Day is observed on October 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday October 14 2022
Saturday October 14 2023
Monday October 14 2024
Tuesday October 14 2025
Wednesday October 14 2026

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