Anne Bradstreet Day - September 16
Sat, Sep 16, 2023

Anne Bradstreet Day

Anne Bradstreet Day is dedicated to the famous writer Anne Bradstreet. Many people were interested in her multifaceted work, and even now many connoisseurs of English literature are happy to re-read her works. It is celebrated on September 16th.


This future writer was born in 1612 in one of the largest cities in England – Northampton. After coming of age, Anna moved to America with her husband. At this time, she was already actively writing poetry. In parallel, she raised eight children and worked at home.

Anna’s main merit is that she became the first author whose works were published in the colonies of North America. At home, they learned about her work thanks to the brother-in-law of the poetess, who took her works with him and published them in England in her name.

The works of Anne Bradstreet raised important and general philosophical themes: beauty, death, society, and religion. The poetess died on September 16, 1672, after being seriously ill with tuberculosis. Her last volume of poetry, entitled To My Dear and Loving Husband, was published after Anna’s death.

Interesting facts

  • The poet’s father and her husband helped found Harvard University in 1636.
  • The bulk of her writings are devoted to family members, and they are quite personal in nature, full of emotional experiences and painful reflections.

How to take part

Relax on this day and immerse yourself in reading the poems of this poetess; feel their versatility. Also on Anne Bradstreet Day, some libraries hold themed events dedicated to her life and work. Visit them and learn more about the first woman to conquer North America with her art.

When is Anne Bradstreet Day celebrated in 2023?

Anne Bradstreet Day is observed on September 16 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday September 16 2023
Monday September 16 2024
Tuesday September 16 2025
Wednesday September 16 2026

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