Worship of Tools Day - March 11
Mon, Mar 11, 2024

Worship of Tools Day

Worship of Tools Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to tools. We have to take care of them and not scatter them. Without a screwdriver, wire cutter or wrench, it is often impossible to fix even the easiest breakdown. Tidy up your garage or storage room by gathering all your tools in one place! It is celebrated on March 11.


The details of the creation of Worship of Tools Day are unknown. There is plenty of information about the first tools. The most primitive ancient invention was the knife and hammer. Thin pieces of rock, sharpened around the edges, were used as the first, and an ordinary large stone was used as a hammer.

The screwdriver, for example, originated around the 16th century. It was used for tightening and unscrewing the simplest screws. As society and industry developed, the tools became more and more complex.

Today’s tools include a grinder, hole punchers, a glue gun, and many other advanced inventions. They make it much easier for people to create any items, as well as repair work. For example, the invention of the welding machine made it possible to join metal elements very firmly, as well as to eliminate the effects of corrosion.

Interesting facts

  • In 1891 Johan Petter Johansson invented the crescent wrench. It is a universal tool that can be adjusted to work with certain nut diameters.
  • The saw is a very ancient tool. It was made back in the Bronze Age. It was then a thin and sharp stone. The Phoenicians made a two-handed saw, thanks to which they were able to saw quickly and quickly build new ships.

How to celebrate

On Worship of Tools Day, go to your garage or storage room to take inventory and put it in order. Collect all the tools in one place, you can buy a special case for them. You can also add something new to your tool kit.

Spread the word on social media. Check with other users to see what little common tools they have in their kit.

When is Worship of Tools Day celebrated in 2024?

Worship of Tools Day is observed on March 11 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday March 11 2024
Tuesday March 11 2025

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