Worldwide Knit in Public Day - June
Sat, Jun 8, 2024

Worldwide Knit in Public Day

Today, events that are traditionally held on the day dedicated to knitting unite people from more than fifty countries. The mission of Knit in Public Day is to demonstrate to the public this home hobby can have global social significance, and people of different genders, ages, and social status can engage in it.


It is not surprising that the holiday appeared in France, which is a trendsetter. Danielle Lendes is now a world-famous Parisian, for whom knitting needles and threads have become an important part of life. It was thanks to her efforts that first in France, and then around the world, Knit in Public Day is celebrated. This was first started in a circle of like-minded people in 2005; since then, hobby lovers gather at the beginning of summer and knit different things in public places.

Admirers of needlework can be found in cafes, parks, and on the embankments. With great enthusiasm, the idea was supported in countries with a cold climate. On the eve of the holiday, social networks literally explode with messages where they discuss meeting places.

Interesting Facts

  • In many countries, Knit in Public Day is a day of charity. Pieces of knitware are donated to shelters, poor citizens, sold, and the money is sent to medical institutions.
  • Some things are even sent to other continents – knitters strive to join the event and instill a love for knitted things around the world.
  • Needlewomen do not hide their work, but on the contrary, they hold fairs and fashion shows.
  • Specialized shops and factories are actively joining the holiday.
  • According to statistics, people from 350 cities take part in the events.

How to take part

Join knitting in a public place, but if you don’t find like-minded people, we offer several other options:

  • get together with needlewomen at someone’s home;
  • hold a webinar or master class – a great way to popularize the hobby and attract as many people as possible to it;
  • knit something for yourself or friends in need; good deeds always come back a hundredfold.

This day can be spent in an original way. Just use your imagination.

When is Worldwide Knit in Public Day celebrated in 2024?

Worldwide Knit in Public Day is observed on the second Saturday in June each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday June 8 2024
Saturday June 14 2025

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