World Whale Day - February
Sun, Feb 18, 2024

World Whale Day

World Whale Day is celebrated annually on February 20. On this day, zoologists and biologists are trying to draw public attention to the problems of unique endangered mammals. The only way to protect whales is to pay more attention to the conservation of the population. The holiday is a great occasion to remind about the problems of whales. The main task of mankind now is to preserve the natural habitat of mammals and provide them with food.


The ocean is home to many amazing creatures, the biggest of them being whales. Unfortunately, throughout the history of mankind, whales have been repeatedly hunted by people (for various reasons), which led to the mass extermination of these animals.

The first time this holiday was celebrated in 1980 in the Hawaiian Islands in order to draw the attention of the local and world community to the problem of humpback whales, which have long lived in Hawaii. This holiday was invented by the famous zoologist and environmentalist Greg Kaufman, who founded the World Whale Association. He wanted the whole world to know about the problems of humpback whales, and achieved his goal.

Interesting facts

Many interesting facts are known about this holiday:

  • In the Hawaiian Islands, the Maui Whale Festival is celebrated annually, on this day people dress up in whale costumes and arrange fun festivities;
  • In many countries of the world, events are held on this day dedicated to the search for solutions to the pressing problems of the World Ocean;
  • Great efforts are needed to preserve the whale population, as these marine animals reproduce slowly.
  • The largest representative of whales is the blue whale, its length can reach thirty meters. The smallest whale is a dwarf sperm whale, its length reaches a maximum of three meters.

How to celebrate

On this day, you should do something good for whales and other marine animals, for example, donate money to a charitable foundation for marine mammals. You can read books about the inhabitants of the ocean or go to the dolphinarium to communicate with the relatives of whales – fur seals and lions.

When is World Whale Day celebrated in 2024?

World Whale Day is observed on the third Sunday in February each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday February 18 2024
Sunday February 16 2025
Sunday February 15 2026
Sunday February 21 2027

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