World Wetlands Day - February 2
Fri, Feb 2, 2024

World Wetlands Day

World Wetlands Day is an international holiday dedicated to raising people’s awareness of the role of wetlands in maintaining the world’s ecosystems. Many of us mistakenly believe that swamps are a natural hazard that needs to be dealt with. This holiday is designed to rid society of this stereotype. It is celebrated annually on February 2.


The celebration of World Wetlands Day is associated with the adoption of the Ramsar Convention. This event took place on February 2, 1971. This document regulated the use of wetlands and raised the issue of the importance of their protection. They represent a unique ecosystem in which the rarest microorganisms, plants, amphibians, fish and birds live.

Wetlands are areas of land in which water stands all year round. Many of them are artificially drained to increase the areas under crops, for example. However, this should be done very carefully so as not to disturb the global balance.

Wetlands, in addition to being a unique ecosystem, play a significant role in replenishing groundwater reserves, and also represent a natural barrier that protects against storms and typhoons. In many flooded areas, sewage treatment plants are being built.

Interesting facts

  • Wetlands globally absorb more carbon dioxide than forest plantations, thereby slowing down the development of the greenhouse effect on the planet.
  • Some swamps contain large amounts of peat, which can be used as solid fuel.
  • One of the most exciting mysteries of the swamps is the swamp lights that can be seen at night. Scientists attribute this to the release of gas due to decay or phosphorescent microorganisms living in these conditions.

How to celebrate

Find out more interesting information on World Wetlands Day about swamps and the living organisms living there! Share the role of wetlands on planet Earth with family and friends. You can also give lectures on relevant topics in educational institutions.

Share information about the holiday on social networks. Let more people know about the significance of swamps for the entire Planet.

When is World Wetlands Day celebrated in 2024?

World Wetlands Day is observed on February 2 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday February 2 2024
Sunday February 2 2025
Monday February 2 2026
Tuesday February 2 2027

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