World Statistics Day - October 20
Thu, Oct 20, 2022

World Statistics Day

World Statistics Day is celebrated on October 20 every 5 years. This day celebrates the achievement of the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics. Statistics is vital for us, with its help new discoveries are made in the field of mathematics, industrial enterprises produce products that are safer for health. The weather forecast is also calculated thanks to statistics.


The UN Statistical Commission was established in 1947. The main function of the commission is to set statistical standards. They are also involved in the development of statistical concepts and methods. In 1994, the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics were adopted. On October 20, 2010, the commission proposed to hold the first ever World Statistics Day. In 2012, it was finally decided to hold the event every 5 years.

In almost every industry, a benefit is derived from the study of statistical studies. Statistics can prove a fact or make an important decision based on statistics. Statistics also help track trends and identify patterns.

Interesting facts

In honor of this day, let’s recall some interesting statistics:

  • The US is the world’s largest waste producer, with an average of 4,5 pounds of garbage produced per person;
  • according to statistics, only 19% of people worldwide wash their hands after going to the toilet;
  • 95% of millennials have no retirement savings;
  • Americans eat 4,25 billion avocados every year.

How to celebrate

Look for statistics on a topic that interests you, there may be a lot of interesting things there. Try this day to write down in a notebook every time you use statistics in everyday life. In your free time, take a couple of statistics tests, they can be quite interesting and help you learn a lot of different information.

When is World Statistics Day celebrated in 2022?

World Statistics Day is observed on October 20 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday October 20 2022
Friday October 20 2023
Sunday October 20 2024
Monday October 20 2025
Tuesday October 20 2026

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