World Read Aloud Day - February
Wed, Feb 7, 2024

World Read Aloud Day

World Read Aloud Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to the technique of reading aloud. Celebrated on February 1st. Proper pronunciation of words and good oratory skills are highly valued in society. A person with such abilities will certainly attract attention in a positive way.


The history of the holiday begins in 2010, when it was first celebrated. The creation of World Read Aloud Day was made possible thanks to the active work of the organization LitWorld. Its participants promoted the idea that oral history and frequent communication has a beneficial effect on the development of children’s social skills, and also, of course, develops society.

The LitWorld website says that this holiday helps to draw people’s attention to the problem of literacy, improve their oratorical skills. It is worth noting the fact that the level of literacy among the youth is steadily growing upwards. For the period from 2010 to 2020, the growth was more than 30%. Similar positive changes were observed in the study of adults.

There is no need to talk about the complete eradication of illiteracy and a good level of education throughout the world. The problem is especially acute in many African countries and the poor countries of the East. The literacy rate of young people there often does not exceed 50%.

Interesting facts

  • Scientists from the University of Liverpool conducted a study that proved that reading aloud relieves stress. The brain switches to the correct pronunciation of words, and all negative thoughts and experiences fade into the background.
  • If you want to remember any new information well, then just verbally share it with another person. As long as you tell or, even better, explain it, the brain will remember better.
  • Daily reading aloud for 15-20 minutes will be an excellent training for your diction, and will also develop acting skills. The main thing is to read with intonation, try to convey the emotions embedded in the text by the author.

How to celebrate

Read aloud with your children, tell some stories. Improve your speaking skills. If you wanted to become an actor or be always in the spotlight at conferences, then World Read Aloud Day is a great way to start working in this direction.

Share information about the holiday on social networks. Ask other users how often they read aloud.

When is World Read Aloud Day celebrated in 2024?

World Read Aloud Day is observed on the first Wednesday in February each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday February 7 2024
Wednesday February 5 2025
Wednesday February 4 2026
Wednesday February 3 2027