World Radio Day - February 13
Tue, Feb 13, 2024

World Radio Day

The best way to relax is to turn on the music, and in order to always stay abreast of what is happening in the world, it is worth listening to the latest news. For both purposes, a radio is suitable. Not many people know about the existence of a holiday dedicated to him – World Radio Day. Traditionally, it is celebrated on February 13.


Historians believe that the discoverer of radio waves was the scientist Heinrich Hertz, whose surname is still known to everyone. It was possible to hear them thanks to a special device called the “transmitter”. Antennas are connected to it. Experiments continued for several years, but for the first time the word “radio” was used only in the late 19th century. It was said by E. Banly, a French physicist who is credited with the invention of the radio semiconductor.

Radio caught people’s attention. It began to enjoy great popularity and distribution around the world. Not only important information was transmitted, but music was also broadcast. At some stations, special attention was paid to stories told live. The influence of radio on humanity was so great that a proposal was put forward to introduce a new celebration. In 2011, UNESCO made an important announcement: the celebration is celebrated at the international level.

Interesting facts

  • The most important statements were often made on the radio. The people of Japan have never heard the voice of their emperor. For the first time, such an opportunity presented itself when he made a speech on the surrender of the country during the Second World War.
  • In 1938, a radio play was played. Some listeners were too impressionable. They really believed that the country had been attacked by aliens who had burned down the White House and intended to seize power.
  • Radio does not lose relevance so far, although most people prefer to use the Internet.

How to celebrate

Today, take the old radio out of the closet and give up any other sources of news and music. Try to spend the whole day with him, you can throw a party and invite all your friends. The main condition is no Internet. Imagine that it has not yet been invented. Time will fly by, and everyone will be able to get a new experience.

When is World Radio Day celebrated in 2024?

World Radio Day is observed on February 13 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday February 13 2024
Thursday February 13 2025
Friday February 13 2026
Saturday February 13 2027

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