World Philosophy Day - November 17
Fri, Nov 17, 2023

World Philosophy Day

World Philosophy Day is celebrated on November 17 around the world. Philosophy is an integral part of human life and science, and the day is perfect to recognize and explore its depths.


World Philosophy Day was first held on November 21, 2002, at the initiative of UNESCO. The UN accepted the idea and proclaimed it an international date. In 2005, it was decided to celebrate the date annually in order to motivate people to study philosophy and to use its principles in their personal lives as a way to solve problems, to exist in society, to accept mistakes and actions of others, and to analyze concepts.

Philosophy dates back to Ancient Greece in the 6th century BC, with prominent figures such as Socrates, Pythagoras, and Sophists.

Interesting facts

  • Socrates was an ardent opponent of luxury and valued the essentials that a person needs for life. At the age of 70, he executed for criticizing the pagan gods, despite his friends’ offers of escape.
  • Plato created an alarm clock based on a water clock for his students to wake up at a certain time.
  • Medieval and ancient philosophers often referred to the words of Aristotle as an irrefutable authority.
  • Diogenes lived in a barrel and was an ascetic, often doing strange things that shocked people.
  • Montesquieu pounded hard on the floor of his desk, leaving dents.

How to take part

Take part in World Philosophy Day events and activities, such as watching a movie or reading a book on the topic. Philosophy is a subject that anyone can explore and enjoy, even if they have not been interested in it before.

When is World Philosophy Day celebrated in 2023?

World Philosophy Day is observed on November 17 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday November 17 2023
Sunday November 17 2024
Monday November 17 2025
Tuesday November 17 2026