Independence From Meat Day - July 4
Tue, Jul 4, 2023

Independence From Meat Day

Independence From Meat Day is celebrated on Independence Day in the United States, when it is proposed to forego meat for just one day. Vegetarian diets have been shown to do more good than harm, and no animal will die for your dinner. Eco-activists argue that by eating animal meat, people harm not only themselves but also support the livestock business, which affects global warming, deforestation, and air and water poisoning.


The holiday was created by the Tennessee Vegetarian Awareness Network to study and promote a plant-based diet, as well as to reduce the amount of meat eaten at least for one day. At first, Independence From Meat Day existed only within the United States, but over time it was celebrated all over the world. Most Americans spend July 4th with barbecues and fireworks, but that is not the only way to have fun.

Interesting facts

  • A year-round vegetarian diet costs an average of $600 less than an omnivore diet;
  • A study by the Research Institute of Preventive Medicine in California showed that people who follow a vegetarian diet can lose up to 24 pounds;
  • From 1989 to the 2000s, the consumption of animal products in cities quadrupled, while up to 24% of the total global greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture, where 14% is devoted to animal husbandry.

How to take part

Celebrate Independence From Meat Day by following a vegetarian diet, it is not that difficult. Meat can be replaced with alternative vegetarian products, thereby making the taste of the holiday more varied. Even if one person in the family refuses to eat meat products for one day, buys more vegetables and fruits, and cooks more vegetarian food, this will already benefit the planet. Using the hashtag #IndependenceFromMeatDay, you can share photos of how your holiday is going on social networks.

When is Independence From Meat Day Celebrated in 2023?

Independence From Meat Day is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed on July the 4th each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday July 4 2023
Thursday July 4 2024
Friday July 4 2025
Saturday July 4 2026