World Patient Safety Day - September 17
Sun, Sep 17, 2023

World Patient Safety Day

World Patient Safety Day is dedicated to creating a safe environment for patients. Modern medicine is developing at a rapid pace: new therapeutic methods, equipment, and medicines are emerging. Doctors must use all this correctly in order to prevent harm to the patient. It is celebrated on September 17th.


World Patient Safety Day is funded by the well-known WHO, and established in 2019. Patient safety is an important element in the modern healthcare system. The lack of training of medical personnel and the discrepancy between their skills and the existing level of medicine can negatively affect patients.

According to statistics, in under- and medium-developed countries there have been more than 134 million cases of harm to patients due to incorrect actions on the part of medical personnel. In highly developed countries, the statistics are better: approximately 10% of all people who go to a medical institution suffer from poor-quality treatment.

There are two ways to organize safe medical care for patients. The first is to timely train employees to work with new equipment and technologies. The second is to enable patients to take part in improving the quality of medical care: ask for their feedback, implement changes, and so on.

How to take part

During World Patient Safety Day, you can:

  • Attend events that are held at various medical institutions. Listen to lectures and take part in seminars. Offer your ideas to improve patient safety;
  • congratulate acquaintances and friends who work in the medical field on this holiday;
  • share a post on social media highlighting the importance of creating a safe environment in patient care.

When is World Patient Safety Day celebrated in 2023?

World Patient Safety Day is observed on September 17 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday September 17 2023
Tuesday September 17 2024
Wednesday September 17 2025
Thursday September 17 2026