World Meningitis Day - October 5
Wed, Oct 5, 2022

World Meningitis Day

World Meningitis Day is celebrated all over the world to inform the public about the terrible disease. Meningitis is an insidious disease, often its development takes place at lightning speed! Therefore, each person should know the symptoms in order to start the fight as soon as possible in case of defeat.


Meningitis is damage to the lining of the brain. It manifests itself as a result of an infection: fungal, viral or bacterial. The most dangerous type is purulent. Measles, chickenpox and even the flu can provoke the disease. Scientists do not know exactly when it appeared. The first mention is found in ancient literature: Hippocrates wrote about the symptoms. True, an outbreak of the disease was recorded only in 1805 in Geneva, then in 1840 in Africa, taking with it many victims.

The holiday was first held in 2008 on April 24, later the date was moved to October 5. The reason for this was the April workload with other health programs – the organizers considered that it would be difficult for people to concentrate on one problem. Every country in the world has committed itself to the WHO roadmap to fight meningitis by 2030. This could save 200 lives and reduce disability.

Interesting facts

Curious moments:

  • epidemics are found throughout the world, but to a greater extent in Africa;
  • 85% of the incidence occurs in children;
  • mortality from meningitis before the 20th century was about 90% and decreased after the invention of the antibiotic and vaccine;
  • outbreaks of infections occur more frequently in spring and winter.

How to celebrate

Aware means armed: find out more information about the disease, its course, vaccination, prevention. Describe your experience of the illness (if any) or talk about someone you know who had it. There are many charitable organizations that raise money for the treatment of patients – take part in the collections and you!

When is World Meningitis Day in 2022?

World Meningitis Day is observed on October 5 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday October 5 2022
Thursday October 5 2023
Saturday October 5 2024
Sunday October 5 2025
Monday October 5 2026

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