World Hello Day - November 21
Tue, Nov 21, 2023

World Hello Day

World Hello Day is celebrated annually on November 21st around the world. It is a friendly holiday to unite people’s hearts and spread cheer. To take part, simply say “hello” to your neighbor, and even add “have a nice day”.


World Hello Day was originally founded in 1973 by two brothers from Arizona, Brian and Michael McCormack. During a military conflict between the coalition of Arab countries and Israel, they were inspired to use postal services to send letters to the leaders of various states to enlist their support. By the first year, they had obtained assistance from 15 countries and eventually 165 countries joined the campaign. Today, World Hello Day is celebrated by both ordinary people and world leaders alike.

Interesting facts

  • In different parts of Africa, people greet each other in their own distinct way. In Western countries, they clap their hands on their chests and in Central Africa, they bow and clap their hands.
  • In New Zealand, natives are very tactile and their greeting is a nose-to-nose touch.
  • The handshake is still a reflection of friendship and peace, originating from ancient times. It was initially part of any ceremony and later developed into a greeting.
  • In Tuvalu, people sniff each other when they meet and press their faces against their cheeks.

How to take part

To celebrate World Hello Day, say hello to at least a dozen people a day – including strangers and passers-by. Learn how to say “hello” in different languages and practice them. Reconnect with old contacts by calling them and asking about business and personal life.

When is World Hello Day celebrated in 2023?

World Hello Day is observed on November 21 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday November 21 2023
Thursday November 21 2024
Friday November 21 2025
Saturday November 21 2026

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