World Day of Peace - January 1
Mon, Jan 1, 2024

World Day of Peace

World Day of Peace takes place on January 1 and gives hope to people from all over the world that someday the planet will find peace: it will give up bloody wars, destroy weapons and reconcile peoples among themselves. The idea seems unrealistic, but it all depends on us.


In 1967, on December 8, the Pope declared World Day of Peace – Catholics called it the Day of World Prayers for Peace. Residents of different countries warmly responded to the holiday, dreaming that its goal would someday come true. The UN General Assembly designated it as an official celebration in 1969. Every year a hot topic is announced, the activists of the movement work with the population. The main ones are: the settlement of international and state relations, the fight against poverty, the spread of peace on earth. The motto is “Forgive and you will find peace.”

The papal encyclical appeared in 1963. This period is considered the height of the Cold War. The document was intended for the Catholics, the UN, the international political community. The signing ceremony was shown on television, which was surprising, because this had not been practiced before.

How to celebrate

How the date is celebrated:

  • various events are held in cities that remind of the terrible consequences of wars and call for an end to the arms race and the destruction of weapons dangerous to mankind;
  • The Pope delivers a sermon on human values, the importance of relationships and resolving disputes through negotiations;
  • believers in every corner of the earth join in prayer;
  • charitable organizations announce collections directed to the victims of military confrontations.

In some places, there are award ceremonies recognizing peace activists who have made a great contribution to the cause.

When is World Day of Peace celebrated in 2024?

World Day of Peace is observed on January 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday January 1 2024
Wednesday January 1 2025
Thursday January 1 2026
Friday January 1 2027

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