World Cotton Day - October 7
Fri, Oct 7, 2022

World Cotton Day

World Cotton Day is held on October 7 every year and brings together people who cannot imagine life without this fabric. Cotton has been valued at all times – it is hypoallergenic, comfortable, strong, durable … The benefits are endless! Take a piece of cotton right now – isn’t it wonderful?


The holiday was founded on October 7, 2019. The initiators were the countries of Benin, Burkino Faso, Chad, Mali Benin – exporters of 8% of the world’s cotton. In fact, this is a large enough percentage to influence the global market. The World Trade Organization joined the event and demonstrated the importance of products.

Historians claim that cotton appeared in 12 BC. According to these data, the Egyptians were pioneers in working with fabric, calling it “White Gold”. Archaeologists have presented the world with interesting items found in Tehuacan (Mexico). Things decorated with cotton and fur date back to 000 BC.

Cotton was also grown in India – some cotton fabrics were found in one Indian province. Not so long ago, “seekers of historical treasures” made public a find from Pakistan – cotton seeds, 9 years old.

Interesting facts

Curiously, cotton:

  • one of the first plants that people grew;
  • it is used not only in the production of things: threads, cotton wool and even explosives are made from it;
  • perfectly absorbs moisture;
  • stronger than wool
  • it is very difficult to assemble by hand, so this work is done by modern machines (a unit is able to assemble up to 800kg!);
  • In ancient China, cotton was valued more than silk.

How to celebrate

If you are engaged in the creation of cotton products, advertise your products – you will definitely find not only like-minded people, but also cooperation with other manufacturers. Learn more about fabric and share it with others! Finally, review your belongings and make sure this fabric is great again.

When is World Cotton Day celebrated in 2022?

World Cotton Day is observed on October 7 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday October 7 2022
Saturday October 7 2023
Monday October 7 2024
Tuesday October 7 2025
Wednesday October 7 2026

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