Unique Names Day - March
Tue, Mar 5, 2024

Unique Names Day

Unique Names Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to unique names. Everyone’s name is a unique ancestral story that we can try to learn. It is madly interesting to find out what word your name came from, what it means, and why your ancestors were called that.


In ancient times, people’s names were not just words. They often reflected a person’s personal qualities, skills, or profession. Many names are related to religion. For example, the names Mary or Joseph are taken from the Bible.

Surnames are often derived from names, names of cities or natural objects, animals, professions. Thanks to this information, you can find out the origin and meaning of your last name. For example, the last name Baker literally means “baker. Probably the ancestors of the person with this surname were engaged in baking bread and other products, perhaps they were confectioners.

Unique Names Day allows people with rare names to find their namesakes and try to figure out together the origin of the name and understand why it is so rare. The holiday was invented in 1997 by Jerry Hill. The man was very fond of onomatology, the science that studies the origin of words (names, among others).

Interesting facts

  • Astrologers agree that a name is not a simple set of letters. Depending on the name determines the future of a person (whether it will be successful or not).
  • In the history of the United States, there was one case where parents argued over the name of a child and decided to let him choose his own name. As a result, the child refused to be named at all and ended up with no name.
  • Historians claim that when people started calling themselves something, there were only names. Surnames came much later.

How to celebrate

On Unique Names Day, interview your parents and relatives and search the Internet for information. Do your best to find out the origin story of your rare name.

Spread the word on social media. Ask users with rare names if they know its origin story.

When is Unique Names Day in 2024?

Unique Names Day is dedicated to celebrating cheerfulness and fun. It is celebrated annually on Tuesday of the first full week of March.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday March 5 2024
Tuesday March 4 2025

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