True Confessions Day - March 15
Fri, Mar 15, 2024

True Confessions Day

True Confessions Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to confessions. Every person keeps secrets. Sometimes they are harmless, but most of them are a heavy burden on the soul, making you feel guilt or resentment. To get rid of their negative effect, it is enough to share them with a loved one, who will listen to you and possibly give useful advice. The holiday is celebrated on March 15.


Confession (that is, the act of confession, where people share their innermost thoughts/experiences, etc.) has been known for over 3,000 years. The first mention of the term can be traced back to the sacred Hindu scriptures. We should note the fact that confession is an important element of many religions and through it lies the way to forgiveness of sins and restoration of spirituality.

Confessions played a major role in the Middle Ages, when the Inquisition flourished. Although often extracted by torture from suspects of witchcraft, unclean acts, etc., it was part of the judicial process. Today, confessions are also required in criminal cases. The confession of an offender allows for a slight reduction of the punishment.

For creating True Confessions Day, we can thank Thomas and Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays, who proposed creating the holiday in 2016. The purpose of the holiday is to share one’s burdensome secrets in order to become freer and free from guilt.

Interesting facts

  • Psychologists argue that when you keep weighty secrets for a long time, negative manifestations can appear: increased anxiety, depression, nervous disorders.
  • Virtually all people on the planet have secrets that they keep to themselves. More than 50% of them, despite their heavy mental burden, take them with them to the grave.

How to celebrate

Talk to your closest people by sharing your burdensome secrets. If the person really cares about you, he will understand and support you. After the confession, you will feel better and the guilt or anxiety will go away.

Spread the word about True Confessions Day on social media. Ask other users if confessing helped them get rid of an unpleasant residue in the shower.

When is True Confessions Day celebrated in 2024?

True Confessions Day is observed on March 15 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday March 15 2024
Saturday March 15 2025