Toy Soldier Day - march 4
Mon, Mar 4, 2024

Toy Soldier Day

Toy Soldier Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to one of the most beloved toys for boys. Toy soldiers have been around for centuries and have not lost their relevance. The holiday is celebrated on March 4.


Toy Soldier Day was first celebrated in 2006. It marked the formation of a club of toy soldier lovers. Today, these toys are loved not only by children. Many adults collect them. In this case, toy miniatures are popular: using toy soldiers, miniature weapons and objects of reality create whole compositions that reflect a historical military event.

Active production of toy soldiers began in the late 1700s. A man named E. Heinrichssen opened his own business in Nuremberg producing military miniatures. Created toys (they soon became known as “Nuremberg toys”, after the city of origin) were as close to the real specimens. You could distinguish the smallest details of appearance and ammunition in the soldiers. At the same time toys were standardized. Thus, the height of the infantryman was 32 mm, mounted cavalryman – 44 mm, and so on.

Interesting facts

  • Many of us are familiar with the tale of the steadfast tin soldier, which was written by H.K. Andersen. The main character chosen is a soldier boy from the Nuremberg toy era.
  • Toy soldiers were known much earlier than they began to be mass produced. They already existed in the Middle Ages, they were made to order. Such a luxury was only available to the children of wealthy families. Wooden figures of knights and horsemen were popular.

How to celebrate

At Toy Soldier Day, delight your children with toy soldiers and play with them. Visit the various events put on by toy soldier lovers and collectors. Read Andersen’s tale of the steadfast tin soldier.

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users if they had toy soldiers as children and what they think of such a toy.

When is Toy Soldier Day in 2024?

Toy Soldier Day is observed on March 4 each year.


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