Thumb Appreciation Day - February 18
Sun, Feb 18, 2024

Thumb Appreciation Day

Thumb Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on February 18. People think of the thumb that distinguishes a person’s hand from an animal’s paw. In representatives of the fauna, including primates, all fingers are the same and there is no particularly prominent one. In humans, the main role on the hand is played by the thumb. It is needed in order to make complex brush movements during sewing, drawing, playing musical instruments, and also helps to hold heavy objects and weapons in your hands.


The initiators of the unusual day were biologists and doctors. Studying the structure of the hand in humans and primates, scientists came to the conclusion: the thumb makes the human hand unique. The absence of it is equivalent to 40% damage to the entire hand. In the area of the thumb are large arteries. To protect the thumb during sewing and other complex work, he can use a thimble.

Interesting facts

Many interesting facts are known about the thumb, for example:

  • a raised thumb is used as an endorsement gesture in many countries and cultures;
  • each person’s thumbprint is unique and inimitable, so the fingerprint can easily identify the criminal;
  • in America, there is such a sport as wrestling on the thumbs;
  • if a person does not have a thumb, he is considered unfit for military service, because without a thumb he will not be able to hold a weapon correctly.

How to celebrate

To celebrate this day, you can buy finger paints and create an original picture with the help of prints of the thumb and other fingers of the hand. A good option is to arrange a fight on your thumbs with friends.

On this day, you can donate money to those who suffered from a thumb injury, read books about the importance of the thumb in history and culture, and also put likes in the form of a raised finger on the Internet, reading interesting articles or seeing original photos. The thumb is what distinguishes a person from an animal, so this part of the body is very important to remember. When performing carpentry or repair work, it is necessary to protect the thumbs in order not to damage them.

When is Thumb Appreciation Day celebrated in 2024?

Thumb Appreciation Day is observed on February 18 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday February 18 2024
Tuesday February 18 2025
Wednesday February 18 2026
Thursday February 18 2027