Thomas Jefferson Day - April 13
Thu, Apr 13, 2023

Thomas Jefferson Day

Thomas Jefferson Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to this remarkable man who made America famous. It is celebrated on April 13.


Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743. In addition to all his accomplishments, he was also the 3rd American president from 1801 to 1809. Historians attribute to him the main role in the creation of the Declaration of Independence and its signing. During his reign, the state acquired Louisiana land in 1803.

It is difficult to overestimate Jefferson’s contribution to America. He was a gifted writer, horticulturist, inventor, and scientist. He also participated in archaeological excavations. Thanks to Thomas, one of America’s finest educational institutions today, the University of Virginia, was founded. This man was an ardent supporter of the Republicans. His aspirations for independence and complete secession from Great Britain allowed America to become a free, independent, and great country!

Interesting facts

  • Jefferson was the inventor of the pedometer.
  • Thanks to Jefferson, the White House had restrooms. Previously there had been no such facilities.
  • Thomas went to great lengths to draft the Declaration of Human Rights. However, historians say he had about six hundred slaves at his disposal.

How to celebrate

Learn more about Thomas Jefferson this day. Visit the museum to view historical relics and listen to an interesting guide talk about the period of the personality. Immerse yourself in the depths of U.S. history!

Spread the word about the holiday on social media. Let more people know about it!

When is Thomas Jefferson Day celebrated in 2023?

Thomas Jefferson Day is observed on April 13 each year.


Thursday April 13 2023
Saturday April 13 2024
Sunday April 13 2025
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