The Day the Music Died - February 3
Sat, Feb 3, 2024

The Day the Music Died

The Day the Music Died is an annual American holiday with a tragic history when three musicians died on the same day. Celebrated on February 3rd. It was on this day that a tragedy occurred that claimed the lives of famous personalities from the world of rock and roll.


On the terrible date of February 3, 1959, the lives of three still young men who could have become real stars in the world of music tragically ended. Then a plane crashed near Clear Lake, Iowa. That day there was a strong wind and poor visibility. The pilot lost control and the plane crashed.

On board were Bandy Holly, as well as Ritchie Valens and J.P. Richardson, known as “The Bopper”. They all died. Initially, buses were used to move around the country during tours, but long trips in the cold were tiring. Colds were common for musicians. On this day, the future stars of rock and roll decided to book a plane to comfortably fly to their destination. However, fate decided otherwise.

To perpetuate the memory of this tragedy, Don McLean recorded a song dedicated to this event. It was called “American Pie” and quickly became very popular.

Interesting facts

  • There were only 4 people on board the plane. The pilot of the plane died along with the musicians.
  • In 1988, a memorial was erected 8 km from Clear Lake to the north, dedicated to the tragedy. The memorial is a composition made of stainless steel, which is composed of a guitar and three records of musicians with their names.

How to celebrate

Listen to songs from dead musicians on The Day the Music Died. You can also visit the commemorative memorial. Learn more information about the tragedy from free sources, increasing your awareness.

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Ask other users if they know about this tragedy and are they familiar with the work of the dead musicians?

When is The Day the Music Died celebrated in 2024?

The Day the Music Died is observed on February 3 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday February 3 2024
Monday February 3 2025
Tuesday February 3 2026
Wednesday February 3 2027