Superman Day - June 12
Wed, Jun 12, 2024

Superman Day

June 12 marks a key event in the world of comics. This is Superman Day, when attention is focused on the great superhero who stood at the foundation of a special universe. Be sure that good will triumph over evil, villains will be punished as they deserve, and the unjustly offended will be avenged.

The History

The event took shape as a holiday in 2013, according to DC Entertainment. Writer Joe Shuster, and artist and designer Jerry Siegel, created the image of a man endowed with unique abilities in 1933. The country needed a hero, a new mythology corresponding to the actual picture of reality. They needed a character who stands up for good, freedom, justice.

Interesting Facts

There are a few national heroes in the culture of the United States, generated by artists and folklore. Superman belongs to this type.

  1. One version about his origin describes Superman as the Messiah, appearing as a personification of the Jewish people. The story of the appearance of Superman on Earth speaks in favor of this interpretation. He, endowed with special abilities, was sent to the planet to help people.
  2. Superman appears in his recognizable permanent image with the first letter of his name on his chest, in a red and blue suit.
  3. In the 40s, Superman was a role model. He was brought up in a simple family, and from childhood, he was accustomed to honest work and developed understandable spiritual values. The hero’s worldview contributed to his decision regarding his chosen path.

Fans of comics have valuable collections, including publications from the 1930-70s.

How to take part

Reread your favorite comics, watch spectacular superhero movies created with impressive graphics and special effects. Organize a masquerade, a costume party: guests dress up in superhero costumes. Remember the main quotes from the comics, discuss controversial episodes and characters.

When is Superman Day celebrated in 2024?

Superman Day is observed on June 12 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday June 12 2024
Thursday June 12 2025