St. Urho’s Day
Sat, Mar 16, 2024

St. Urho’s Day

St. Urho’s Day is an annual holiday celebrated in Finland. It is based on the image of St. Urho. Precedes St. Patrick’s Day, in which you should have fun to the maximum: delicious food and alcoholic beverages are mandatory attributes. The holiday is celebrated on March 16.


What do we know about the fictional character of Finnish mythology, thanks to whom the story of St. John the Baptist begins. Urho’s Day? Saint Urho saved Finland from an invasion of grasshoppers. Thanks to his merit, the vineyards became protected from the threat of nature and gave a good harvest, and the workers on the vineyards did not lose their jobs. Legends say that the saint ate only sour milk and fish chowder. In society, Urho became a national hero.

Many believe that St. Urho never really existed. The creator of the holiday, however, is considered to be the owner of a large store, R. Mattson, who resides in Virginia. The image of the saint was originally invented as a joke. It is a completely fictional character, however, he was so beloved by people who were happy to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and they decided to create a new holiday.

Interesting facts

  • Researchers, comparing the backstory of the characters, concluded that St. John the Baptist was a great success. Urho is an image based on St. Patrick.
  • The key colors of clothing on this day are green and purple.
  • A sculpture of the character stands in Menahga, Minnesota. Urho holds a grasshopper on his pitchfork as a symbol of victory over insects.

How to celebrate

Visit the town of Menahga to see the sculpture of Urho. Get together with friends or family and attend the many events dedicated to St. John’s. Urho’s Day. Have fun on this day!

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users what their most memorable moments of the day were.

When is St. Urho’s Day celebrated in 2024?

St. Urho’s Day is observed on March 16 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday March 16 2024
Sunday March 16 2025

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