Singles’ Day - November 11
Sat, Nov 11, 2023

Singles’ Day

Singles Day is celebrated on November 11 around the world. It is dedicated to those who value their single life, and have not yet started a family. It is mainly celebrated in China, but is also loved by many other countries. The day was created to show family people that being single doesn’t have to mean being lonely. In fact, it can be a time of fun and adventure, meeting new people, and flirting.


Singles Day was founded in 2009 by Daniel Zhang, the director of the Alibaba store. It has become a kind of Black Friday, with huge sales, reaching $25 billion in 2017!

The idea of celebrating single life has been around for far longer than that. Several students realized that being single doesn’t have to be a bad thing, and began to encourage others to look on the bright side, and take advantage of their freedom. Over time, Valentine’s Day stopped being so daunting for those without partners, as they learned how to celebrate it cheerfully and without a soulmate!

Interesting facts

  • Bachelors are more attractive than those in a relationship, according to a study of testosterone levels in saliva samples.
  • Statistics show that bachelors tend to be of shorter stature.
  • Hans Christian Andersen, the famous writer, was in love with a Swedish singer, but failed to get a response. After his heartbreak, he vowed never to marry, and kept his word until the end of his life.

How to take part

On Singles Day, treat yourself to a meal out, go to the movies, or buy something you’ve been wanting. Invite your single friends out for drinks or a party. Make the most of your freedom and have a great time!

When is Singles’ Day celebrated in 2023?

Singles’ Day is observed on November 11 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday November 11 2023
Monday November 11 2024
Tuesday November 11 2025
Wednesday November 11 2026