Sally Ride Day - May 26
Sun, May 26, 2024

Sally Ride Day

Sally Ride Day is an American holiday dedicated to the famous American female astronaut. It is designed to remember the history of the conquest of space, and to show everyone that women can perform even the most difficult tasks. It is celebrated annually on May 26.


The history of Sally Ride Day begins in 2003, when it was first celebrated. It was on May 26 in 1951 that Sally Ride was born. She studied at several universities. Most of all she liked physics. In this discipline, the young girl tried to develop in all directions, as she saw her future here. In 1975 at Stanford, she became a master of physics, and another 3 years later she reached the degree of doctor in this subject. Such an achievement shows how disciplined and dedicated a woman Sally Ride was.

Later Ryde decided to tie her life to astronautics. And she succeeded! She was on a list of 35 people who were accepted for further training for NASA’s astronaut training. Her spacewalk took place in 1993 aboard STS-7. This girl’s example proves that every dream is possible. Every woman can take her as a role model and be inspired by her. If she can do it, so can you. Believe in yourself!

Interesting facts

  • Along with Ryde, about 8,000 people applied to NASA. Of those, only 35 were honored to pass on, including this determined young woman.
  • Sally took the honorable place of being the first woman to go into space in the history of U.S. astronautics. In this way she brought one great achievement to the entire women’s community. Space was now open to women as well.

 How to celebrate

Find out more details about Sally Ride’s life that day. You can watch documentaries about astronautics and visit the Space Museum.

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Ask users, did they want to conquer space?

When is Sally Ride Day celebrated in 2024?

Sally Ride Day is observed on May 26 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday May 26 2024
Monday May 26 2025

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