Restless Legs Awareness Day - September 23
Mon, Sep 23, 2024

Restless Legs Awareness Day

Restless Legs Awareness Day – if not for this holiday, many of us would not even suspect the existence of this disease. Willis-Ekbom disease is a pathological neurological condition in which a person constantly moves their legs to get rid of unpleasant sensations – goosebumps, itching, burning, and tingling. The symptoms appear closer to the evening. According to statistics, in the United States, the disease has been diagnosed in 12 million people.


Every year on September 23, the world celebrates Restless Legs Awareness Day to draw public attention to this. The event was held for the first time in 2012, on the birthday of professor-neurologist Karl-Axel Ekbom. It was he who, in 1945, described this syndrome in detail in his dissertation. Restless Leg Syndrome was then studied by Sir Thomas Willis. That is why the disease was named after these two scientists – Willis-Ekbom.

Interesting Facts

  • The cause of the pathology is not known for certain, but there are some most likely causes: heredity, iron deficiency, Parkinson’s disease.
  • There is no official treatment for the syndrome, but therapy includes medications based on ropinirole.
  • Quite often, problems with the veins lead to restless leg syndrome. Treatment of veins in 97% of cases helps to get rid of RLS.
  • During pregnancy, the chance of developing restless leg syndrome increases.
  • One common cause of RLS is nerve damage from injury, diabetes, or infection.

How to Take Part

Learn more about the disease. Awareness is an effective tool when it comes to helping others. There is no cure for the disease yet, but work in this direction is underway, so donate if you can. Many medical organizations are engaged in research, support them. Share your treatments on social media, whether it be leg exercises or massages.

When is restless legs awareness day in 2024?

Restless Legs Awareness Day is observed on September 23 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday September 23 2024
Tuesday September 23 2025
Wednesday September 23 2026
Thursday September 23 2027
Saturday September 23 2028
Sunday September 23 2029