Remember Me Thursday - September
Thu, Sep 28, 2023

Remember Me Thursday

Remember Me Thursday is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday of September. In 2022, this falls on September 22. The purpose of the holiday is to show how important it is to take care of animals in shelters. The importance of this day is confirmed by the fact that since 2012, when it was established, more than a billion people have familiarized themselves with the program on social networks.


Each pet is deserves attention, care, and the chance to live in good conditions. Unfortunately, many pets are orphaned or deprived of their homes, which is why Remember Me Thursday is so important for pets. Think about it, every year about a million pets are euthanized! Fortunately, this figure is gradually decreasing, but the problem has not yet been solved. The holiday was created specifically to spread awareness about the importance of adopting homeless animals.

Interesting Facts

  • The movement was founded by Mike Arms in 2012. He led the Helen Woodward Animal Center. This non-profit organization has been in existence since 1972, providing adult education and animal adoption.
  • More than 190 countries, hundreds of thousands of people, and about 700 organizations are participating in the campaign.
  • Unfortunately, more than half of the dogs and almost 70% of the cats that end up in shelters are euthanized.

How to take part

Volunteer at an animal shelter. If you do not have the opportunity to keep a pet, make time as a volunteer – walk with abandoned animals and feed them. Believe me, dogs and cats need affection and care, just like people. Talk about it on social networks, motivate people to be more caring and more humane. Using the #RememberMeThursday hashtag will add more value to your message.

When is Remember Me Thursday celebrated in 2023?

Remember Me Thursday is observed on the fourth Thursday of September each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday September 28 2023
Thursday September 26 2024
Thursday September 25 2025
Thursday September 22 2026