Red Rose Day - June 12
Wed, Jun 12, 2024

Red Rose Day

It turns out that the symbol of love, tenderness and romance – the red rose – has its own holiday, Red Rose Day, when the flower is given special honors. It’s time to go to the nearest botanical garden or park, where these luxurious scarlet flowers bloom, enjoy their aroma and understand what inspired poets and artists to create masterpieces dedicated to the rose. Just think, Red Rose Day is dedicated to a flower that is more than 50 million years old, and the first cultivars appeared about 5 thousand years ago.


The red rose is a mysterious and mystical flower. It is not surprising that the true reasons for the holiday’s appearance in the calendar are not known. One thing is known for certain – the flower was revered in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome; the rose was considered a luxury available only to wealthy people.

Interesting Facts

  • The earliest mention of the rose dates back to the period of Ancient China, where 5 thousand years ago the flower was used for aesthetic pleasure and in cosmetology.
  • Today, more than three hundred types of roses of red shades are officially registered in the world.
  • The most expensive flower variety – “Juliet” – was bred by breeder David Austin. He spent 15 years and about $5 million on his work, and sold the variety for $15.8 million.
  • Archaeologists have discovered unique flower fossils that are over 35 million years old.
  • Since 1986, the red rose has been the national flower of the United States, by a decision made by Ronald Reagan.
  • The most roses are sold in the Netherlands, the French are the best specialists in growing rose bushes, the oldest bush (more than 1 thousand years old) grows in Germany, Bulgaria produces the largest amount of rose oil.
  • In ancient Rome, a red rose was left outside the door when they did not want outsiders to enter the room and interfere with their privacy.

How to celebrate

Every year on June 12, there is a wonderful occasion to remember the symbol of love and passion, tenderness and romance. Please yourself or loved ones with a bouquet of red roses, or even better – buy a rosebush for the garden or a potted rose in a flowerpot. Take a walk in the park, visit a botanical garden, and learn more about this wonderful flower. In world culture, there are a huge number of works dedicated to the Queen of Flowers – it’s time to read a few of them.

When is Red Rose Day celebrated in 2024?

Red Rose Day is observed on June 12 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday June 12 2024
Thursday June 12 2025

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