Read a Road Map Day - April 5
Fri, Apr 5, 2024

Read a Road Map Day

Read a Road Map Day is an American holiday dedicated to road maps. These pieces of paper have played an important role in orienteering for centuries and were an essential element of any tourist. The holiday is celebrated annually on April 5.


Details on the creation of Read a Road Map Day are not available. This holiday was probably created in order to maintain the demand for road maps. In the modern world road maps have certainly lost their popularity, as there are smart phones with built-in GPS and special electronic maps, which will help to find the right way in any situation. Nevertheless, road maps continue to be bought and used, as such a paper carrier of necessary information will be extremely useful in cases of failure of gadgets or the lack of a network. Therefore, they should always be in the backpack of any traveler.

The first paper road maps were created in ancient Egypt. Pieces of papyrus found during excavations allowed to establish that the oldest map found, reflected the land of the Thebes area. Since then, road maps were constantly being developed, new routes appeared, they were expanded and supplemented. Up until the modern digital age, road maps were the main attribute of orienteering.

Interesting facts

  • The first highly detailed road map was created in 350 BC in ancient Rome. It reflected the routes to Western Asia.
  • After the advent of the automobile became very popular road maps, which reflected not only the main roads and detours, but the location of recreational facilities and gas stations.

How to celebrate

If you have an old road map, be sure to get it and study how the routes shown there have changed today. If you’ve never used this travel paraphernalia, we recommend that you start now. Try to use it on the ground by studying all the conventions.

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Ask users, have they ever used a paper road map?

When is Read a Road Map Day celebrated in 2024?

Read a Road Map Day is observed on April 5 each year.


Friday April 5 2024
Saturday April 5 2025
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