Random Acts of Poetry Day - October
Wed, Oct 4, 2023

Random Acts of Poetry Day

The first Wednesday in October in the US is a special day for poets and poetry lovers – Random Acts of Poetry Day! This holiday is perfect for expressing your creativity and even if you’ve never tried writing poetry before, this is your chance to unleash your voice and try something new.


Random Acts of Poetry Day was first celebrated in 2015 and since then the holiday has been gaining more and more popularity. This day is all about appreciating poetry, no matter what form it comes in – be it handwritten, chalked on the sidewalk, or spoken out loud. The goal of this holiday is to bring creativity to people and touch their hearts with your words.

Interesting facts

  • Poetry is loved all over the world but it also has a destructive effect – metrophobia, a fear of looking stupid when trying to understand the meaning of a poem.
  • Hans Christian Andersen, the famous Danish storyteller, did not like children – when a monument was built in his honor, he insisted there be no children’s figures nearby.
  • German poet Johann Christoph Friedrich Schiller could only get into the writing mood if there was a vase with rotten apples on his desk.

How to take part

On Random Acts of Poetry Day, you can express your thoughts in whatever way you like. Write your poetry on sidewalks, alley walls, blackboards (where allowed, of course!), leave a piece of paper on a subway seat, stick it on a grocery store wall, or organize an impromptu concert in the square and invite everyone to share their joy and sadness through art. Unleash your voice and be surprised at what you can do!

When is Random Acts of Poetry Day celebrated in 2023?

Random Acts of Poetry Day is observed on the first Wednesday in October each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday October 4 2023
Wednesday October 2 2024
Wednesday October 1 2025
Wednesday October 7 2026

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