Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day - August 28
Wed, Aug 28, 2024

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day is a rather mournful day for pet owners who have lost their beloved pets. The Rainbow Bridge is a beautiful legend about the place where our pets go when they have to leave us.

The pain of losing a four-legged friend gradually subsides (although many people “hear” their paws for a long time, this phenomenon is due to the effect of imprinting certain sounds in the human brain). Often, people get another pet and surround it with love and care. But they never forget those who are gone.


On August 28, 2013, writer Deborah Barnes had to say goodbye to her pet, who had been with her for 15 years. His name was Mr. Jazz, and Deborah detailed her and his history together in her book – she talked about the life of a cat and captured many emotions and reflections on life, death and what can be beyond it.

The writer did not anticipate the incredible emotional response she would receive from many people. They reached out to her, eager to share stories of pets they had lost. People were full of tragic experiences and found it difficult to continue living without their pets.

In memory of Mr. Jazz and as a gift to all the people who responded, Deborah Barnes decided to create a Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day so that all pet owners could share stories and memories of their beloved animals. The holiday was first celebrated in 2015, and now every year on August 28, people dedicate the day to departed pets.

Interesting facts

The famous Austrian scientist Konrad Lorenz, the creator of the science of animal behavior – ethology – once lost his beloved dog, a bulldog named Bully. In one of his books, he described how he heard the characteristic stomp of a dead dog – he was a little lame. In the book, Lorenz advised anyone who had lost their furry friends to try to get another pet.

How to take part

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day Methods:

  • Have a day of remembrance – on your own, with your family, or with a close friend who knew your pet. Remember the good times: walks, games, funny tricks of your animal.
  • View old photos and videos of your pet. Share them on social media with the hashtag #RainbowBridgeRemembranceDay.
  • Organize a memorial event or a trip in memory of your beloved pet.

When is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day celebrated in 2024?

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day is observed on August 28 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday August 28 2024
Thursday August 28 2025
Friday August 28 2026

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