Public Radio Broadcasting Day - January 13
Sat, Jan 13, 2024

Public Radio Broadcasting Day

Public Radio Broadcasting Day is an international holiday dedicated to broadcasting technology. Celebrated every year on January 13th.


There is no information about who and when came up with the idea of ​​celebrating Public Radio Broadcasting Day. The history of radio goes back over a century. The first transmission of a message by radio was carried out in 1895 in Italy.

In the homes of Britain, France and other European cities, telephone lines were used through which people could listen to music, news, religious disputes, and more.

Further research was directed towards improving sound quality and time-limited broadcasting.

The first significant advance in broadcasting technology occurred in 1910. Then a live opera was played on the radio in New York. Many were dissatisfied with the sound quality, so the experiments continued.

In the 1950s, almost every country had its own broadcasting system, which was usually controlled by the states. With the rise in popularity of television, the demand for radio fell, but it still remained one of the most accessible ways to keep abreast of all the important events in the world.

After the 2000s, radio did not die out completely, despite the popularity of the Internet. It functions successfully, delighting its listeners with high-quality sound.

Interesting facts

  • The radio saved the Eiffel Tower. It was erected specifically for the 1889 World’s Fair. After 20 years, they wanted to dismantle it, but someone suggested installing radio antennas on top for better communication, and the tower was saved.
  • During World War II, Indians from a local tribe served in the US Army. They communicated by radio. The Japanese easily intercepted their messages, but could not understand their language.
  • In the modern world, about 60% of people prefer to listen to the radio in the car.

How to celebrate

Listen to your favorite radio shows on Public Radio Broadcasting Day. Find more interesting information about radio broadcasting on the Internet.

You can take an amateur radio course or go to a museum to see the oldest examples of radios and listen to interesting lectures.

Tell social networks about this holiday, discuss your favorite radio programs with users.

When is Public Radio Broadcasting Day celebrated in 2024?

Public Radio Broadcasting Day is observed on January 13 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday January 13 2024
Monday January 13 2025
Tuesday January 13 2026
Wednesday January 13 2027

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