Polar Bear Plunge Day - January 1
Mon, Jan 1, 2024

Polar Bear Plunge Day

Polar Bear Plunge Day opens a kind of swimming season on January 1st. We’re sure you’ll get chills on your skin because the first day of the year isn’t the best time to swim. Admirers of the holiday are not timid people, they bravely throw themselves into the frosty water and feel incredible relief! What do you think about such fun?


The holiday was founded a very long time ago … In America, clubs for lovers of cold procedures have existed for more than a century. The researchers found that the first swim dates back to 1904. It took place in Dorchester Bay, Boston Harbor. Participants and spectators liked the spectacle, so it began to be held annually. But diving into ice water was practiced much earlier – for example, the Scandinavians were passionate about the occupation.

Scientists prove that cold water can strengthen the body, normalize metabolism, improve skin condition, and cleanse harmful toxins. And a person receives dopamine – the hormone of happiness, it provides energy, reduces stress and helps in the fight against insomnia. Another thing to decide on such a thrill!

Interesting facts

Did you know that swimming in ice water:

  • can be really addictive! Perhaps that is why fans of the procedure do it not only on Polar Bear Plunge Day, but throughout the year. In the hot summer, by the way, many fill the bath with ice;
  • not an ordinary lesson – you definitely need to prepare for it;
  • in 2008 gathered a record number of participants in the United States – 12 thousand.

How to celebrate

Join the club today and try your hand at being a polar bear! Watch before this video materials, consult your doctor to avoid problems. Tell your friends about the idea and gather a team of like-minded people.

When is Polar Bear Plunge Day celebrated in 2024?

Polar Bear Plunge Day is observed on January 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday January 1 2024
Wednesday January 1 2025
Thursday January 1 2026
Friday January 1 2027