Pastor Appreciation Day - October
Sun, Oct 8, 2023

Pastor Appreciation Day

Pastor Appreciation Day is dedicated to all clergy involved in spiritual work. They guide people to the true path, listen to problems, atone for sins and mediate between the common man and God. Gratitude is the least we can do for holy people!


The holiday originates in 1992, when the United States began to celebrate the Month of the Clergy. It all started even earlier, with the Apostle Paul ordering the parishioners to honor the elders who ruled the churches and to honor everyone who relates to religious matters. His words still resonate today, and in 2019, one day was separated from the general holiday to be dedicated to the pastors. Currently, there are more than 458 clerics living in the United States.

Interesting facts

  • The most important holidays in Christianity are Easter, Christmas, and Trinity.
  • More than 70% of Americans consider themselves Christians, making the country the top spot in the rankings.
  • The largest church was built in South Korea.
  • More than two billion people in the world have not heard the gospel.
  • The main symbols of Christianity are the cross, the fish, and the dove.
  • According to the biblical description, the high priest, during the remission of sins, laid his head on a goat, laying on him the sins of the whole people.
  • In the Qur’an, Mary the mother of Jesus is mentioned more than in the Bible itself.
  • In early icons, Jesus was depicted with a “magic” wand.

How to take part

Say “Thank you” to your pastor! The word will cause a smile and reciprocal gratitude. It will not be superfluous to collect a basket with various products and give it as a gift. Charity in any manifestation is another wonderful option.

When is Pastor Appreciation Day celebrated in 2023?

Pastor Appreciation Day is observed on the second Sunday in October each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday October 8 2023
Sunday October 13 2024
Sunday October 12 2025
Sunday October 11 2026

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