Paperback Book Day - July 30
Sun, Jul 30, 2023

Paperback Book Day

Paperback Book Day is a wonderful day for avid readers. Each book, even in paperback, is filled with amazing and fascinating stories and miracles. July 30 is a great day to buy a new story. Books teach us to rethink many issues and be more attentive to life. And reading improves our vocabulary and develops memory and empathy.

The History

Paperback Book Day is a real ode to all paperbacks. The first company to offer them was Penguin. The British publishing house was founded in the 20th century and began producing paperback editions in large numbers. But the first such publications appeared in the 17th century. In European countries – France and Germany – books in a convenient binding for transportation also appeared in the 20th century. When the printing press appeared, volumes and circulations increased.

During the Great Depression, Penguin was on the verge of bankruptcy, and its owner was looking for ways to develop. Then it occurred to him to make quality literature available to a wide range of readers. So, in England they published the works of famous writers in paperback.

Interesting Facts

  • With the invention of the printing press, the number of literate people has increased dramatically.
  • The most published book in the world is the Bible.
  • Publishing houses reject 95% of manuscripts that beginner writers send to them.
  • For several years, the growth of the printing industry has been 0%.
  • Today, writers prefer to publish books on their own.

How to take part

Buy some paperback books. Remember every story is an experience. Carry any book with you so that you can read and enjoy literature in your free time.

When is Paperback Book Day celebrated in 2023?

Paperback Book Day is observed on July 30 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday July 30 2023
Tuesday July 30 2024
Wednesday July 30 2025
Thursday July 30 2026

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