Orthodox Christmas Day - January 7
Sun, Jan 7, 2024

Orthodox Christmas Day

Orthodox Christmas Day is celebrated on January 7, Catholics and other Christians celebrate this date on December 25. This is due to different calendars: Julian and Gregorian. This is a long-awaited holiday for believers!


The exact date of Jesus’ birth is unknown. We can only judge from information from the Bible, so it was definitely the middle of winter. From this event, the chronology is conducted – imagine how long ago Christ was born. Christmas is first mentioned in the 4th century, the Roman bishop Liberius told people about this. In the 2nd century, on the day of Theophany, 3 events were celebrated: the birth of Jesus, Baptism and the offering of gifts.

According to the Gospel of Luke, the shepherds who were nearby were the first to be notified of the appearance of Jesus. An angel came down to earth and told about it. The three wise men also learned about this – they noticed a bright star in the sky, announcing the birth of the Savior. The wise men hastened to the manger and brought gifts to Christ.

Until Christmas, believers strictly observe fasting. This tradition was founded because Jesus also cleansed his mind and body through fasting. On Christmas Eve, preparations for a delicious table begin. Usually the meal takes place after the service.

Interesting facts

It is noteworthy that:

  • the unchanging symbol of Orthodox Christmas Day was the spruce. Researchers believe that the Virgin Mary and her husband Joseph closed the cave where the son was with spruce branches;
  • bells with angels, which decorate the space, personify the shepherds who learned about the birth of Christ;
  • Orthodoxy arose in the 1st century on the day of Pentecost;
  • leading states in Orthodoxy: Greece, South Ossetia, Moldova, Georgia, Russia.

How to celebrate

Find out more about the holiday. This is an amazing story that we remember every year. It does not matter at all that in different parts of the world they celebrate on different days – Christmas Day unites us, despite our territorial affiliation.

When is Orthodox Christmas Day celebrated in 2024?

Orthodox Christmas Day is observed on January 7 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday January 7 2024
Tuesday January 7 2025
Wednesday January 7 2026
Thursday January 7 2027

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