Organize Your Home Day - January 14
Sun, Jan 14, 2024

Organize Your Home Day

Organize Your Home Day is an American holiday dedicated to cleaning and putting your house in order. Celebrated every year on January 14th. This day is an excellent occasion to carry out a general cleaning of your home after the New Year holidays, to create a cozy atmosphere.


The details of the appearance of the holiday Organize Your Home Day in the United States are unknown. It is worth noting that attention has been paid to the interior decoration of the house and maintaining its cleanliness since ancient times. Even in the scientific works of the Greeks (18th century BC), the concept of “oikonomy” was encountered, which implies housekeeping.

The promotion of cleanliness and home comfort began in 1885, when the first Good Housekeeping magazine was published. He quickly became in great demand among women. It contained various cleaning tips, interesting life hacks, and described original design solutions that made the house more beautiful and comfortable.

Today there are many such magazines. The development of technology has led to the emergence of the Internet. Today there you can find various blocks and channels on YouTube, which contain useful recommendations for the home.

Interesting facts

  • The dishwashing sponge should be changed every week. Otherwise, it becomes a real haven for thousands of microbes.
  • Scientists confirm the fact that people who pay enough attention to cleaning and putting the house in order are less stressed, less irritable and more productive.
  • The most meticulous housewives are considered to be residents of the Philippines.

How to celebrate

Dedicate Organize Your Home Day to getting your home in order. Carry out general cleaning, make changes to the interior.

This day is a great opportunity to change your life as a whole. At first, pay attention to the house, then sign up for some training courses, go to the gym. Let the holiday be the beginning of something new in your life.

When is Organize Your Home Day celebrated in 2024?

Organize Your Home Day is observed on January 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday January 14 2024
Tuesday January 14 2025
Wednesday January 14 2026
Thursday January 14 2027

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