National Wisconsin Day - February 15
Thu, Feb 15, 2024

National Wisconsin Day

National Wisconsin Day is celebrated only in America. Every state in the U.S. has its own holiday. As a rule, it is celebrated on the day when the state was founded. Wisconsin is no exception. On this day, mass events are held at the state level, folk festivals, concerts and festivals. Honorary citizens of the state are awarded.


Wisconsin was at first a city and only in the first half of the 19th century received statehood. This happened on May 29. It was this day that became the official day of the state. It is celebrated annually. Large-scale celebrations are held, in which not only local residents participate, but also residents of other states, as well as foreign guests.

Interesting facts

  • On the same day, Rhode Island Day is celebrated.
  • The state of Wisconsin is rich in minerals, so this holiday is very popular among workers in the mining industry.
  • In the main city of the state, the largest celebration takes place, which annually ends with a large fireworks display.

How to celebrate

On this day, you should definitely visit the state of Wisconsin, because there are many interesting events. As a rule, the day begins with an official celebration in the state administration. Honorary citizens of the state are awarded, administration employees report on their work, mass events for improvement are held. On the eve of the holiday, the local administration is engaged in decorating streets and squares.

In the afternoon, costume processions and demonstrations take place along the main streets of large cities. Exhibitions and master classes, entertainment events for children are held in the squares and squares.  In the evening, musical events are held – concerts of local groups. The holiday traditionally ends with fireworks. On the day of Wisconsin, guests from other states often come.

In schools on this day, patriotic and local history events are held dedicated to the history of their native state. Conferences and festivals are organized for children. Wisconsin is a dynamically developing state, so celebrations are usually held at a high level with a large number of guests and guest stars.

When is National Wisconsin Day celebrated in 2024?

National Wisconsin Day is observed on February 15 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday February 15 2024
Saturday February 15 2025
Sunday February 15 2026
Monday February 15 2027